July 24, 2014

"A dance we did back in May on Africa Day - 22 May 2014.
This was the first Africa Day to be celebrated in Bolton. It was organised by The Smile of Hope and us. Bolton College were very happy to host the event.
The turnout was much more than expected and so we made t...

July 24, 2014

WFWP Int’l co-hosted this recent conference commemorating the 20th Anniversary of the International Year of the Family. It took place under the title ‘Family Values and their link to Economic Well-Being and Social Outcomes’, the United Nations Office in Geneva, Switzer...

July 24, 2014

WFWP Austria/Russia,Angels of Peace, Part 2, June 14

An overall report about the recent ‘Angels of Peace’ Tour in Austria, the Russian children’s dance group singing and dancing for Russian-Austrian reconciliation:

The "Angels of Peace" tour in Austria took place fr...

July 24, 2014

The video of the recent conference on 'Family Values and their link to Economic Well-Being and Social Outcomes'. It took place in the United Nations Office in Geneva, 30 June-1 July 2014)

June 30, 2014

Angels of Peace - A Russian children's dance group is performing in Austria in 5 cities, from 20- 30 June 2014.
They are dancing for reconciliation 100 years on from the beginning of the 1st World War. This is a clip of their beautiful performance in Salzburg on 27 Jun...

April 7, 2014

Jimin is a 25 years-old korean peace and human right activist who just finished an NGO internship project at UN Office Geneva. She attended the Human Right Council at United Nations in March 2015 where she learned and discovered the bitter situation of so many women in...

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