16th Annual WFWP - Europe Women’s Leadership Conference
“Women as peace-builders and leaders fostering healthy families and communities in these challenging times”
November 18-20, 2016
 Hotel Tatra, Bratislava-Staré Mesto, Slovakia
About the presenters
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Friday, November 18th

18:00 Dinner - Welcome and Introductions

MC: Brigitte Wada, President, WFWP France and Miriam Alexyova, WFWP Slovakia Vice President

19:30 - 21:00 Special Program

Dr. Annine van der Meer: Historian, Theologian, Netherlands:  "Wisdom Returning".


Saturday, November 19th

7:00-7:30 Meditation/Interfaith Morning Service (optional)

Ms. Stella A. Attakpah- Vienna, Austria

9:00-10:30 Session I - Conference Opening Session

Welcoming Remarks:

Chair: Ing. Lubica Magnusson, WFWP Slovakia President

Dr. Lan Young Moon, WFWPI President Emeritus

Mrs. Carolyn Handschin, WFWP Europe President, WFWPI VP Europe - speech

Becoming a global citizen & building a global family: character education in families, schools and life

Ms. Stella A. Attakpah, MSc. Managing Director, Opportunity and Risk Management Institute, Ghana.  "Self - development and achieving sustainable development".

Dr. Anna Galovicova, Ambassador of World Religions Forum, Slovakia; President and Founder of the Slovak-Indian Friendship Society "One world: One human family"

First interview, after Session I on becoming a global citizen & building a global family
Second interview, after Session I on becoming a global citizen & building a global family

11:00-12:30 Session II: Empowering young women as agents of peace: why girls are radicalizing

Chair: Ms. Diane Chaillié, Executive Assistant, France

Ms. Valentine Nkoyo, MBA, WFWP UK speech contest winner, Director Mojatu Foundation

Ms. Veronica Kvietkova, Mr. Jakub Senesi. Flowers of Democracy, Slovakia

Ms. Miriam Baghdady, Co-Founder Free Girls movement, Austria: "Immigrant: A life between two cultures”

Ms.  Anna Balgova, Emilia Trpacova, Jana Verdura, Slovak Catholic Charities, "Integrational Project Rafael.

Ms. Natascha Schellen, MBA Student , WFWP Middle East, " Empowering young women in the Middle East".

Three interviews after the second Session of today: Empowering young women as agents of peace: why girls are radicalizing.

Three interviews after the second session: Empowering young women as agents of peace: why girls are radicalizing.


14:30 Musical interlude: (Hotel Tatra)

"Friends of Fujara"- Slovak Folk Group

15:00 - 16:00 Session III (Capacity building sessions / training in small groups)

Addressing the challenges of our increasingly multi cultural societies.

MC: Elisabeth Riedl

Dr. Asma Ahmed, Lawyer:  Empowering Women- Breaking Barriers to Social Exclusion

Dr. Marcela Rozehnalová: WFWP Czech Republic: "Motivating Youth for Pure Life style"

Ms. Elisabeth Riedl, Ms. Renate Amesbauer, WFWPI UN Representatives Vienna: "Building bridges and the Global Women’s Peace Network"

Ms. Nicole Thurner and Jana Lajdova: "Interning at the UN with WFWPI in Geneva"

Ms. Limi & Kasia Bauer, WFWP Upper Austria: "Living locally while thinking globally: migrating to a new country and community".

Mrs. Tina Coombs, WFWPI Special Advisor: "Educating for the Dignity of Women and the Culture of Peace”.

Mrs. Lilly Gundacker, WFWP Austria Vice President: "Public Speaking: Toastmasters, Where Leaders are Made"

Dr. Maria Riehl, WFWP Austria Founder and Treasurer: "Personal development and healing”

Ms. Valentine Nkoyo: "FGM and Violence against Women"

Mrs. Patricia Earle, WFWP Birmingham, UK Chairwoman: "Building women's peace communities and empowering women locally".

Sharing about the capacity building sessions

16:00 Group Reports (3 minutes each)

17:00- 18:00 Sightseeing: Night in the Historic City Center
18:00 Dinner  (Restaurant Zichy)
20:00 – 21:30 : Bridge of Peace Program

MC: Mrs. Elisabetta Nistri Cali, WFWP Italy President

Mrs. Marcia de Abreu, WFWP Spain President

Musical interlude - Cultural entertainment

Mrs. Parisa Nagy- Persian Dance

Mr. Benjamin Lajda- Piano, Cello

Ms. Amy Brown- Vocalist

Sunday, November 20th


7:00-7:30 Meditation/Interfaith Reading Service (optional)

Birmingham Peace Group on "Peace and Forgiveness" 

8:30- 10:00 Session IV: Shared responsibilities and inclusive leadership for sustainable development and good governance.

Chair: Dr. Marta Maria De Carvalho Rodrigues, WFWP Portugal President, Lawyer

Mag. Barbara Grabner, Journalist. "The media and us: How to influence public opinion"

Mrs. Mitty Tohma, WFWP UK President

Dr. Maria Grazia De Angelis, Labour Research for Organizational Development in Italy, President

Dr. No Hi Pak, Universal Peace Federation, Special Advisor for Europe

10:30-11:30 Session V: Women in advocacy and as educators / training curricula 

Chair:  Mrs. Parisa Nagy, WFWP Hungary President

Ing. Lubica Magnusson, WFWP Slovakia President

Mrs. Kasia Minollari, WFWP Albania President: "Experience -based character education: youth in Albania"

Mrs. Olga Vakulinskaja, WFWP Russia President: “ Moral and family education and practice in Russia”

Ms. Brigitte Wada, WFWP France President: "The Necessity of Moral Education"

11:30- 12:30 Closing Session and reflections

Ambassador for Peace Certificates

Post-conference interview with Paul and Reinhild Frank from Luxembourg