Participants ar WFWP Europe Conference, Brussels 2014

The 14th Annual WFWP Europe Conference

November 20-22, 2014

“Youth and the Future of Leadership:

The Role of Parents and Family in Shaping Responsible Citizenship”

At The European Parliament
Thursday, November 20th


“UN convention on the Rights of the Child:

The Role of the Family in Shaping Responsible Citizenship”

General report

The World Youth Alliance, Women’s Federation for World Peace- Europe, in partnership with European Parliament, the Mission of the United States of America to the EU and the Government of the Region of Venice, Italy.


Among the speakers were:

Members of the European Parliament: Hon. Arne Gericke (Germany), Hon. Alojz Peterle (Slovenia)

Women’s Federation for World Peace -Europe: Carolyn Handschin, President

World Youth Alliance: Antoine Mellado, Advocacy Director

Federation of Catholic Family Associations in Europe: Maria Hindingsson, Secretary Gen.   

International Federation for Family Development: Ignacio Socias, Director of  Int’l Relations

Make Mothers Matter: Olalla Michelena, SG of European Delegation



Main Conference
Friday, November 21st


Opening session;
Entertainment: Ms. Julia Handschin, WFWPI UN Intern

Chair: Mrs. Mitty Tohma, President WFWP-UK

Video 10 minutes


Speakers:  Dr. Lan Young Moon, President Emeritus, WFWPI

Ms. Arlette Vandemeulebrucke

Mrs. Carolyn Handschin, President, WFWP-Europe

20 minutes Crowd-sourcing / Brainstorming on theme

Genaral report




Session and speaker details;


Photo gallery from session at the EU Parliament November 20th 2014


Photo gallery from the Main Conference 21-22 November 2014

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Dr. Lan Young Moon

Bio / CV


Mrs. Carolyn Handschin

Bio / CV

Powerpoint presentation

Mrs. Brigitte Wada

Bio / CV

main organiser

Theme; Capacity Building: Empowering Young Women in Dignity and Leadership

General report

Chair: Ms. Yara Makkonen, WFWP- Germany

Ms. Yoshiko Pammer, Focal Point, WFWPE-Young Women and Team

Ms. Franziska Nylen, Co-founder and Public speaker of “We Found” World Women’s Start-ups and Entrepreneurs Foundation

Ms. Christelle Kyora Ngama, Chairwoman, WFWP-Youth, Bolton

Ms. Asmah Anis, WFWP Youth, UK

Ms. Yoshiko Pamme

Bio / CV

Powerpoint presentation


Ms. Franziska Nylen

Bio / CV


Ms.Christelle K. Ngama

Bio / CV


Ms. Asmah Anis

Bio / CV


Theme; Capacity Building – Women’s Leadership and Political Participation

General report

Chair:  Ms. Sammi Vander Stock, WFWP- Netherlands

Hon. Erna Hennicot- Schoepges, former Minister and President of Parliament, Luxembourg

Mrs. Mitty Tohma, WFWP- UK, President

Professor Vesna Manojlovic- University of Belgrade

Hon. Erna Hennicot- Schoepges

Bio / CV


Mrs. Mitty Tohma

Bio / CV


Professor Vesna Manojlovic

Bio / CV


Theme; Capacity Building - Talking Points and Research to Effectively Promote Marriage and Family.

General report

Chair: Mrs. Brigitte Wada, President, WFWP-France

Mrs. Marcia de Abreu, President, WFWP- Spain

Mr. Antoine  Mellado, Advocacy Director, World Youth Alliance-Europe

Mrs. Marcia de Abreu

Bio / CV



Mr. Antoine  Mellado

Bio / CV


Theme; Tribute to 20 Years of WFWP Bridge of Peace Program in Europe

General report

An effective tool for reconciling and healing historic scars of enmity.

Chair: Collette Cunningham,

Mrs. Rita Seewald, President, WFWP-Germany

Mrs. Tina Coombs- Special Advisor, WFWP-Europe

Mrs. Rita Seewald,

Bio / CV


Mrs. Tina Coombs

Bio / CV


Theme; Capacity Building – Enhancing Skills for Effective Communication and Persuasion

General report

Chair and speaker: Ms. Aleksandra Skonieczna, WFWP- Poland President

Dr. Carlos Gomez Sanchez,  Political Consultant, Spain

Dr. Bébé Clement- Consultant, Trainer in Communication, UK

Dr. Marguerite Peeters, Director, Dialogue Dynamics


Dr. Carlos Gomez Sanchez

Bio / CV


Dr. Bébé Clement

Bio / CV

Powerpoint presentation

Dr. Marguerite Peeters

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Ms. Aleksandra Skonieczna

Bio / CV

Powerpoint presentation

Theme; Forward-looking Plans and Goals for WFWP- Europe and our Networks

General report

Co chaired by WFWP-Europe President and VP’s

Interactive discussion - bullet points


Pray for Peace music video