London 2013

Women's Federation Conferences

The 14th Annual WFWP Europe Conference  
Brussels, November 20th to 22nd, 2014
“Youth and the Future of Leadership:

The Role of Parents and Family in Shaping

Responsible Citizenship”


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​Global Women's Peace Network Assembley

The Global Womens Peace Network's (GWPN) aim is to build a body of NGO leaders whose collective wisdom and judgment can complement the deliberations of the United Nations, which is a body of government

representatives and is overwhelmingly male. Such a consultative body could promote healing and peacebuilding through reconciliation, forgiveness, love and embracing people beyond boundaries of race, religion, nationality, and language.​

European Leadership Conference​​

​​The European Leadership Conference (ELC) is sponsored by the Universal Peace Federation (UPF) and Women's Federation for World Peace (WFWP) and is part of a series being held in Parliaments and at UN institutions around Europe. The conference brings together leaders in society to inform, highligt and discuss current topics. In 2012 some of these conference themes were:

“What more can Europe do to Advance Human Rights?”​

What Kind of Europe do we envision for the Future?​

Celebration of the UN International Day of Peace​

Europe and Russia-Partners in a Globalized World​​


Middle East Peace Initiative

​MEPI is a global peace initiative which began in 2002, with regular events in the Middle East. Participants from all over the world have participated in peace walks, conferences, service projects, reconciliation ceremonies, meetings with politicians and religious leaders and cultural and sporting events.

Through its wide application and network of people from all levels of society, MEPI is a unique project for peace.

MEPI Principles:
1.There is one God, so does humanity one family of God as the common parent.
2.People are more than material beings. Our highest values of moral and spiritual nature.
3.Marriage and family are sacred institutions and a cornerstone of peace.
4.The basic principle of reconciliation between enemies is to live for others.
5.Interreligious cooperation is necessary for peace.

United Nations Conferences

​There are three main ways that WFWP contributes to the work and global mission of the United Nations: Peace-Building, Moral Education and Poverty Eradication.​

These have been areas of concern and involvement for WFWP since the organisation was founded 20 years ago, and conferences in support of the above mentioned issues are held ongoing.