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A Ukraine-wide project to aid warfare victim families.

The project goals: to provide psychological, humanitarian and medical aid to families who suffered from Russian military aggression residing in the Kyiv region.

Projects in cooperation with WFWP-Europe, WFWP-Belgium, WFWP-France, WFWP-UK and in partnership with: Kyivo-Svyatoshin center for social and psychological rehabilitation, Boyarka City Ministry of veteran affairs.


WFWP UKRAINE - help to purchase several generators for those in Ukraine

NOV 14, 2022

Ukraine, November 14, 2022

If to share about the situation in Ukraine now, massive missile attacks have seriously damaged about 40% of Ukraine's entire energy infrastructure, causing blackouts across the country. Now, on average, the electricity is cut off for 6-8 hours during the day, sometimes for the whole day. Especially our members who are staying in Kyiv suffer from that, as electricity is switched off according to the schedule for four hours every four hours.

Therefore, we turned to the European office with a request to help us with the purchase of several generators for those in Ukraine. We are sincerely grateful that the European office responded to our request and not only allocated funds for the purchase of five generators, but also ordered and brought generators from Germany to Poland. It is simply impossible to buy generators in Ukraine now, so we are sincerely grateful for such help and for the support of all the families of Europe who made donations for the families of Ukraine.

Despite everything, we keep our witnessing, educational, and volunteer activity. And for the autumn school holidays in the beginning of November, we held the actionaizing program for second generation kids of 16+ in Poland and the workshop for middle school and high school SG students in the Lviv region.

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