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Written by: Päivi Yoshizumi

On December 6, 2022, Moniheli, a hub for intercultural groups in Finland, arranged a celebration for Finland's Multicultural Independence Day. Women’s Federation for World Peace Finland was its sponsor. Moniheli is one of the largest networks for multicultural organizations in Finland with more than 100 independent associations that are represented. They work to promote integration, immigration and equality.


The objective of the Multicultural Independence Day was to aid immigrants in a number of ways, such as preserving and promoting their own cultural traditions and helping them integrate into Finland. Moniheli has been organizing a Multicultural Independence Day celebration for immigrants since 2006. This year, tolerance and peace served as the central theme.


An Ambassador for Peace who worked for the Moniheli government asked Ms. Päivi Yoshizumi, a member of WFWP Finland, to speak on behalf of WFWP at the Multicultural Independence Day event in July, 2022. There were about 200 attendees in person, and many more people watched it live online.


The celebration included a number of dance ensemble performances from many countries, including Thai, Indian and Palestinian traditions. There were several speakers from Moniheli, as well as the Vice Mayor and one speaker who spoke on behalf of Helsinki. As a representative of WFWP, which acknowledges women's vital role as peacemakers and mothers of future generations, Ms. Yoshizumi asked to speak and introduce the WFWP's co-founder, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, to the audience as she talked about some of WFWP’s core values and global initiatives.

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