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IAFLP Inaguration

IAFLP affirms the unique and essential role that women leaders are called to play in bringing about a world of lasting peace. In its founding Resolution, the IAFLP declared it brings together 'women leaders from all national, racial and religious backgrounds and all sectors of society, together with those who have lived the responsibility of First Ladies in their nations, uniting in solidarity to respond to today’s challenges'. The loving and sacrificial leadership of women working together to empower our youth for goodness, to build cohesive communities and, with men, establish models of ethical and balanced leadership to guide them has never been more critical. The IAFLP Resolution stands up for the central role that women and mothers have played throughout human history and as decisive contributors to reconciliation, peacebuilding, reconstruction and development in the wider society and world. IAFLP is an association dedicated to creating a world that is interdependent, mutually prosperous and based on universally shared values.

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