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Building a Culture of Peace

Peace-Building is very much at the heart of Womens Federation for World Peace. In Europe we initiates numerous peace-building projects such as
Global Womens Peace Network
Leadership Conferences
The Bridge of Peace project
Ambassadors for Peace Project 

Global Womens Peace Network

The Global Womens Peace Network's (GWPN) aim is to build a body of NGO leaders whose collective wisdom and judgment can complement the deliberations of the United Nations, which is a body of government representatives and is overwhelmingly male. Such a consultative body could promote healing and peacebuilding through reconciliation, forgiveness, love and embracing people beyond boundaries of race, religion, nationality, and language.

Ambassadors for Peace

​Ambassadors for Peace is a joint projet of WFWP and UPF. Launched in 2001, it has become the world's largest and most diverse network of peace leaders. They come from all walks of life representing all races, religions, nationalities, and cultures, and commit to:

•Stand on the common ground of universal moral principles, promoting reconciliation, overcoming barriers, and building peace.
•Form a global network representing the religious, racial, and ethnic diversity of the human family and all disciplines of human endeavor.
•Promote reconciliation and cooperation beyond traditional boundaries of religion, race, ethnicity, and nationality.
•Practice “living for the sake of others” as the guiding principle for building world peace and a global community.

If you like to become an Ambassador for Peace or recommend someone else, please send us an application by filling in the application form.

Bridge of Peace

The Bridge of Peace ceremonies continue to be an innovative and powerful contributor to the ongoing weaving of an effective worldwide grassroots network of women dedicated to creating peace in the daily lives of our families, communities and larger world.

The Four Pillars of the Bridge of Peace:

Responsibility: We break the chains of our resentments and anger by realizing these emotions poison and debilitate us. Our attitudes, thoughts and mindset are more essential than our external circumstances. As we take responsibility for our mindset and determine to begin anew, we can be liberated from the effects of past or present hurt even if our basic circumstance is unchanged.

Respect: By recognizing the rights of the other, no matter who they are, we are able to open our minds to the possibility of a solution. Without respect, the only answer is death of one kind or another and the perpetuation of the cycle of conflict.

Repentance: A Personal Cease-fire: As we take responsibility, we have the strength to see our own shortcomings and our capacity to disregard the needs and situations of others. To end conflict in our own lives, we need to hold a personal "cease-fire" precipitated by self-awareness, honest assessment of our own actions and a willingness to see from the viewpoint of the other.

Commitment: As we embrace our partner of peace, whether new sister, spouse, friend or family member, we seal our personal commitment to one another and the tasks of self-development and peace building ahead.