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Art Workshop in Finland

A report from WFWP Finland about their Art Workshop on 12 Jan 2014: When we look at the sky at night, we can see through the atmosphere at the dark universe beyond which seems black, dark blue or even colorless - except for the stars During the day, however, when the sun shines, the color yellow is dominant, and when we look at the sky above, we find it to be bright blue. As we look lower and lower towards the horizon, the blue pales and is almost white at the horizon. When the sun rises or sets, its yellow color being filtered through the atmosphere changes towards bright red. These natural phenomena of basic colors - blue, yellow, red - have surrounded mankind since the beginning of time, explained art teacher Lidia Kivinen at the first WFWP meeting of the year 2014. Nine of us had gathered to embark on the second art afternoon of the kind: this time, we worked in groups of four to paint a huge color- cycle, 4 large rectangular pieces laid close together to make one big picture. Under Lidia's guidance each person filled their piece of paper with one particular water color, creating shades as we added water; at their meeting points, the basic colors overlapped and mingled - creating mixed colors like green, purple and orange. The results were beautifully colorful, aesthetically to look upon, a work of art. As the papers dried and we had refreshments, we also shared our experiences during the painting: the joy- and energy-giving strength of bright colors during the dark and wintry months; the joy of expressing ourselves, of using bright colors, of the painting itself; the liberating feeling of allowing something to flow from within ourselves. At the end, everyone could take one sheet of the color cycles home. Written by Gudrun HassinenVis mer

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