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'Women of great value - Witches: Legends, Myths and History’.

WFWP Bergamo/Italy held a lecture event in cooperation with Associazione Alchemilla, on 8 May 2014. Its theme was 'Women of great value - Witches: Legends, Myths and History’. A report by Elisabeth Schneider: "Prof. Alessandra Meleri told us about the witches in the history of the Mediterranean region, accompanying her words with pictures of the history of art throughout the ages; in the history of civilisation, beginning with ancient times, we can find representatives of women who were considered deities, such as the goddess Isis or Venus. In ancient Greece, these women were called "witches", as the famous sorceress Circe of Ulysses; they were considered a normal part of the community. However in the Middle Ages a "War against Witches” began that arose mainly as a war against heresy. Prof Meleri went on explaining how lots of women suffered and were even unjustly condemned to death, because their true value, at that time, was not understood."

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