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WFWP Bergamo/Italy, Body Language Course Part 2

WFWP Bergamo/Italy held this follow up course sequence under the theme “The Body Language”. The course took place over a period of 4 evenings in May and June 2014 in a conference hall in Bergamo. The purpose was to understand the body language, to get in touch with oneself and others, and to be able to develop clear and efficient communication. Many guests wished to participate in the previous course, in April, but it was already full; that is why we had to organize a second course, equal to the first one. Therefore this is the second 4-evenings course by psychotherapists Dr. Onorina Gibi and Dr. Claudio Carrara. Here are some examples of the various topics in more detail: 4 evenings: THE BODY IMAGE: daily gestures and gestures that can’t express ourselves, gestures that neutralize our emotions WAYS OF WALKING AND EQUIVALENT INNER WORLDS: the position of the foot and its symbolic value – with the wind or against the wind TELL ME HOW YOU SIT DOWN: sense of duty, or protecting a secret, or leadership position, or need to escape…. THE LANGUAGE OF GESTURES: how to understand his gestures, how to understand her gestures; Western positions and Eastern positions. The course has been very interesting and all the guests participated wholeheartedly, forming a cohesive and very friendly group! At the end of the conference, based on the requests of the participants, we examined the various proposals for a future series of lectures. We decided for lectures about Forgiveness, that will be organized in the next spring (2015). Reported by Elisabeth Schneider, WFWP Bergamo

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