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No peace without women

No peace without women: What are women bringing to peace processes, conflict prevention and human security.

Commemorating the UN International Day of Peace, the Women’s Federation for World Peace Europe and Middle East held a conference on September 15.

Since the year 2000, annual events have been hosted with prominent women leaders on a broad range of global and regional concerns. With our new partner, the International Association of First Ladies for Peace, we combined our strengths to hold events and gatherings that included the unique perspective on issues by the First Ladies of nations.

Mrs. Carolyn Handschin-Moser President, WFWP Europe; Coordinator, IAFLP, EU & ME opened the meeting. “No Peace Without Women; What are Women bringing to Peace Processes, Conflict Prevention and Human Security?”

With Consecutive Roundtables from 4pm- 7:30 pm CET Hon Nayla Moawad Former First Lady, and Minister of Social Affairs Lebanon; co-sponsored the conference. Dr. Julia Moon, President WFWPI said: “there has never been a time, when the voices of women, were more desperately needed in our world… We can see that the power for change in society, is found in the heart of love, for others, rooted in a spiritual awareness, of the value of all life…. WFWP teaches, that only through the invisible, spiritual power of unselfish love, can we achieve, our desperately desired goals, for happiness”

As we find ourselves confronted again, shockingly, with war at our doorstep, we decided to convene a meeting of experts and practitioners whose engagement for peace is renowned and whose resolve to advance peaceful settlement of tensions is unwavering.

We addressed these concerns together, considering minimizing human suffering and preventing circumstances that have justified conflict as the best solution. Tapping local knowledge, re-thinking governance and global institutions, enhancing civil society/government partnership, are but a few thoughts to prevent the situation we find ourselves in today. Women leaders, who are often mothers as well, have something unique, effective, and convincing to bring to the table.

Mme. Olga Algayerova, Executive Secretary, UN Economic Commission on Europe, Geneva; and Ms. Adriana Quinones, Director UN Women Office UN, Geneva spoke in the opening session.


Creating Conditions for Peace and Development was emceed by

Ms. Senida Mesi, Former Deputy Prime Minister of Albania.

The Speakers: were:

Dr Sakena Yacoobi, Founder Executive Director, Afghan Institute of Learning;

Dr. Ingeborg Breines, Former. Director, Women and Culture of Peace Program UNESCO, Norway;

Mr Marcus Lenzen, Deputy Chief Peacebuilding Fund (United Nations) and

Ms Therese Comodini Cachia, Former Member of European Parliament.

How do Women Negotiate Differently? Was the next session

Emceed by: Ms. Aleksandra Skonieczna, President, WFWP, Poland

The Speakers: were:

Mme Elsie Christofia, Former First Lady, Cyprus;

Dr. Liri Berisha, Former First Lady, Albania;

Hon Helina Kokkarinen, Chief, EU Advisory Mission to Ukraine, Finland and

Dr Thania Paffenholtz, Director, Inclusive Peace Institute, Geneva.

Next Women in Conflict Resolution & Transformation: Case Studies was emceed by

Ms. Marcia de Abreu, WFWP Secretary General - Europe, Pres. WFWP Spain.

The Speakers were:

Hon Emilija Redžepi, Deputy Prime Minister, Kosovo;

Hon. Nataša Mićić, Former President, Serbia;

Hon Emanuela Del Re, Special Representative of the European Union to the Sahel Region and

Ms. Srruthi Lehka, Representative of Youth Peace Conference “Peacebuilding Commission”.

Lastly The Ukraine Project proposal was introduced by Ms. Anna Kalmatskaya, Vice President, WFWP Ukraine with the donation appeal spearheaded by emcee Ms Mitty Tohma, European Vice-President of WFWP, President of WFWP UK

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