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WFWP Jordan - Supporting Women’s Health Educational Program

WFWP Jordan hosted in its center in Al Rusaifa City a health educational program organized

by the Nutrition Team of the internationally accredited Islamic Hospital in Amman, the

Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. The Nutrition Team’s Director, Dr Basem Abu Baker,

Internationally Accredited Health, and Nutrition Expert himself personally conducted the

interactive health and wellness program in four sessions during the month of February 2024.

The theme was “Health Ambassadors”. 25 women were selected and trained in several

issues of health and wellness. The purpose was for them to become advocates of good

health and encourage other Jordanian women of all ages, to adopt healthy habits in their

everyday life. This program has been approved by the Ministry of Culture and Social

Development/National Library and included in its four interactive sessions: Weight

Management, Immunity Nutrition, Healthy and Safe Home, and Brain/ Heart /Bones health.

The graduation of the participants will take place on March 8, 2024, on International

Women's Day.

The sessions were interactive, with slide shows, using educational material, case

discussions, demonstration of examples and evaluation of the participants’ performance.

The aim was to equip the participants with the required knowledge and skills to educate and

encourage other Jordanian women to invest in their health for the sake of their own selves,

their families, and the society at large. It is a unique project, the first of its kind to be

conducted in Jordan. Supported by Dr Zoe Bennett, WFWP International Vice President for

the Middle East & North Africa and coordinated with Mrs. Fusayo Irikura, Manager of WFWP,

Jordan Branch, under the direction of Dr Basem Abu Baker, Internationally Accredited

Health, and Nutrition Expert, as mentioned above, this Health and Wellness Program is

planned to be extended throughout the year.

Dr. Basem Abu Baker with the Nutrition Team of the Islamic Hospital has organized this

outstanding program for Jordan with the putpose to support women’s health and wellness,

as stated by Dr Zoe Bennett and Dr Basem Abu Baker. It carries a strong message for

Jordanian women of all ages to invest in their health thus creating a society of healthy

women and their families. For this reason, the ongoing collaboration between the Islamic

Hospital in Amman, Jordan and WFWP Jordan is very important.

In addition, the Nutrition Team (Dr Basem Abu Baker) and the Jordanian Society for Food

and Nutrition (Mrs. Hiba Kamal Al-Horani) met with Dr Zoe Bennett, and Mrs Fusayo Irikura

during their visit to the Islamic Hospital, and discussed an extended collaboration in 2024.

They are planning to conduct more health and wellness programs for the benefit of the

women of the Jordanian Society.


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