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WFWP Russia: Charity concert for families and children

On June 1 WFWP of Russia in cooperation with a Children‘s Charity Fund organized a Charity concert for families and children in need dedicated to the International Children’s and Parents‘ Day.

The concert hall was full with families in need and their children (more than 200 people).

All the performance pieces were really welcomed warmly and their local children were very grateful, happy and active. The recited poems on our request without preparation and danced together with Angels of peace!!!

The administration of the town and the department of the Social Security Department warmly welcomed Angels of peace and presented letters of gratitude:)

The representative of the city administration told us that they were moved by our children’s attitude. She said : „Your children are different because they do everything from their heart“

Angels of peace (age from 8 to 14) really did their best in spite of the fact that the way to the performance hall took 3 hours:)


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