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WFWP Russia -The children’s dancing and singing ensemble «Angels of peace»

The children’s dancing and singing ensemble «Angels of peace» was invited to perform at a concert of one very talented Ukrainian-Russian family that took place in one of the very famous concert halls in Moscow. This family became the winner of WFWP Intercultural and Inter religious Family Festival «Family World» in 2013 and since then has been taking part in many WFWP charity and peace making programs for 10 years. In 2014 they received a Peace Ambassadors Award at the Bridge of peace program «Russia-Ukraine-Belarus». This is a 3 generational family — grandmother who is a poet and very talented professionally singing children and grandchildren that present the beauty and harmony of the Ukrainian and Russian culture in a very amazing way.

It was precious to see that the big concert hall in the center of Moscow was full and the audience was so happy and grateful to hear both Ukrainian and Russian songs. Many people were singing along.

Angels of peace have been performing at their concerts for 10 years. This time already the third generation of Angels of peace could become part of the concert.

Russian people will always love Ukrainian culture. On February 19-


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