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WFWP Birmingam's project, the Hyderabad Orphanage

Poverty Eradication

Womens Federation for World Peace Europe is involved in and supporting projects around the world in line with United Nations Millenium Goals to Eradicate poverty.​ Below you will find details of some of the projects.​​​​​​​​ If any of these appeal to you and you would like to support, please contact your​ Local Chapter of Women's Federation​.
1 % Love Share Project

The 1% Love Share Project nurtures the hopes of women and childrenin various parts of the global village. The 1% Love Share Project is acampaign of sharing carried out by donating only 1,000 Korean won(about 1 USD) every month to help women and children suffering frompoverty and diseases across the world.In this world, countless children are suffering from hunger and disease. There are more than 1.2 billion people in the world who live on less than $1 a day.The 1% Love Share Project is a unique campaign initiated by the WFWP to facilitate the continuous practice of true love and living together in harmony, and the small offering you give will help warm the hearts of our neighbors in the global village.

Object and MotivationEver since Rev. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon visited North Korea in December of 1991 and met with the late President Kim Il Sung, thus taking a first step in bringing about the reunification of the fatherland, our interest in and longing for the reunification of Korea has grown deeper than ever before.Needless to say, the political reunification or the financial exchanges between North and South Korea are important and urgent, but we believe that there is something else that should be accomplished even before that: the reconciliation and love in the hearts of the North and South Korean people. With this in mind, the North Korea 1% Love Share Project was begun.The WFWP first decided to carry out the North Korea 1% Love Share Project at the Second WFWP International Leaders’ Workshop held in November 2002, to help the women and children in North Korea by bringing together the longing for reunification in the hearts of all WFWP members around the world, who are endeavoring to practice ‘living for the sake of others’ under the ideal of ‘The Global Village as One Family’ in accordance with the teachings of Rev. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon.The North Korea 1% Love Share Project signifies giving just a small part of what we have, and at present WFWP chapters worldwide are continuing with this campaign. To expand the field of activities and aid, we have changed the name of the project to The 1% Love Share Project, to include all parts of the world.PurposeIn practicing the founding spirit of the WFWP, ‘Let us establish a world of peace based on maternal love,’ the peaceful reunification of Korea is our top priority, and we plan to design a future vision of the unified fatherland of co-existence, common prosperity, and universally shared values. Hereupon, our purpose lies in first bringing about reconciliation, love and rapport in the hearts of the South and North Korean people.

Method of Contribution- Centering on the world headquarters, Korea, WFWP chapters around the world are working together, participating in this campaign.- In Korea, the amount of 1,000 Korean won is received every month via automatic bank debit from each participant, to be used in helping the women and children suffering from poverty and disease around the world.Expected ResultsThe 1% Love Share Project is not a one-time event, but rather the practice of true love, the love of the mother who gives what little she has and gives and gives again and forgets that she has given.When we build up trust and confidence through the love of the mother and warm our hearts by practicing love, the global village and all humankind will be able to establish a world of peace as one great family.


​Hyderabad Childrens Home​

The story of the Interfaith Children’s Home began in early 1998 when Patricia Earle,  representative for the Midlands region was invited to visit the state of Andhra Pradesh in Southern India. There she witnessed

the desperate plight of some Dalit (‘untouchable’) communities, encountering a large number of orphaned children. Most of the orphaned children could not receive any education, due to their having to go out to work, or beg on the streets, or the lack of schools in remote rural areas. In India, the Children’s Home has become well recognised for its realistic contribution to Communal Harmony and good relations between people of different faiths, receiving the national Samaj Vikas Peace Award and, in January 2003, the international Hind Ratan (Jewel of India) Award, presented by Former President of India Shri K R Narayan. Currently the state government of Andhra Pradesh is in the process of granting new land for the project’s expansion and development. A new home is to be built separate facilities for boys and girls, staff and guest accommodation and a clinic to provide Mother and Baby Healthcare for the local community. The latter will be sponsored by a matched funding arrangement between Birmingham and Hyderabad Rotary Clubs.


Various projects

WFWP South London Branch's  Dolores Read arranged fundraising events to support the Sun Hwa International Academy in Nepal  to help raising funds for school equipments for the children.

We did support the New Hope school in Ethiopia which is another on going project.

The Scottish branch have been supporting the Tsunami victims through raising funds and other out reach projects.

WFWP in Norway has over a mumber of years supported IRFF Norway to send supplies to Estonia.  Twice a year IRFF collects and sends 400 boxes of clothes, toys, and household items. The boxes are then distributed to rural communities throughout Estonia. Since 1999 IRFF Norway has sent over 10,000 boxes to Estonia."

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