WFWP Poland in cooperation with UPF Poland - a Meeting that took place in Warsaw at the Peace Embass

WFWP Poland in cooperation with UPF Poland - a Meeting that took place in Warsaw at the Peace Embassy, 4th of January 2014. See this report by Aleksandra Skonieczna: The topic of the meeting was “Why is it worthwhile getting married? – Family Values in modern times”, 40 people participated in the meeting. The event started with a presentation given by UPF Poland chairperson Krzysztof Gago, who talked about married couples from the perspective of the relationship between God and fallen people. He stressed the difficult situation of God, who after the fall cannot give people His full blessing. Nevertheless, men and women should create families, as there is no other way for humankind to go. The second part was devoted to the topic of international, intercultural and interreligious marriages. Three ladies told about their international marriages. The first story was told by a Russian lady whose husband is Polish; it seems that often personal life of people is complicated by difficult tragic historic (and present) relationships between their countries, in this particular example, Russia and Poland. The second lady was Japanese with a Polish husband; she talked mainly about cultural differences between Japan and Poland. Fortunately, she does not feel discriminated or badly treated because of her nationality and the skin color. The third lady was a French white woman who married a black American. She spoke mainly about racial prejudice against such couples who belong neither to the white society nor to the black community; this has caused many problems on a daily basis especially for their children. But she expressed how grateful she was to be in such course where she has to turn to God, to Jesus and follow the example of Father and Mother Moon in order to learn how to forgive. The guests seemed to be truly interested in the issues discussed at the meeting. Some of them asked questions and made comments about the problems mentioned by the speakers. Presentations were followed by a vivid discussion in two groups (in the picture attached).

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