WFWP Italy, EU Parliament,Women and Human Rights, Rome,6 March 14

WFWP Italy co-sponsored this conference in the European Parliament in Rome/Italy, along with the following organisations: UPF, Global Woman Peace Network, Int’l Parliament for Safety and Peace, Intergovernmental Organisation of the State, High Commission for Women and Children-ItalyThe event was held under the theme ‘Women and Human Rights: Equality is Prosperity, Progress and Welfare for Everybody’ It took place on 6 March 2014 in the ‘Hall of Flags’ in the European Parliament Information Office in Rome:The event had a great impact. It began with messages by the representative of the European Parliament in Italy, the president of the Regional Women’s Council and a written message of appreciation sent by the Mayor of Rome. We also received the sponsorship and logo of “Roma Capitale” and the logo of the European Parliament which supported the initiative.Two news agencies were also present at the event.Here are some of the messages conveyed during the conference:‘Women’s role in the family is closely related to their position in the world of work; since the woman does not receive enough support from social structures, she is often forced to favour one role, at the expense of the other.’Andrea Catizone – Lawyer, Director of the Observatory on Families EURISPES ‘The number of female ambassadors is growing, but unfortunately their percentage is still irrelevant. This is really a pity, because women put a lot of effort into their work as diplomats. Women have a strong sense of justice and diplomacy and the results they achieve in this field are amazing.’ Marjia Efremova - Lawyer, Former Ambassador to the Republic of Macedonia‘History omitted many of the things said and done by women. Similarly, few religious texts gave women the same space that was given to men. We have to reassess women’s dignity and realize that it is possible to establish a relationship of equality without perceiving “otherness” as a threat. Men and women were born to cooperate and live together, not to humiliate or prevail over each other.’Dora Bognandi - National Secretary of the International Association for the defence of religious iberty ‘In my political mandate as an added city councillor for Eastern Europe I was concerned with the appraisal of Italian and immigrant women…. Today I would like to remember all the victims of civil wars worldwide: Ukraine, Venezuela, Syria, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Egypt, Israel, Palestine, Columbia, Somalia, Sudan, Mali, and previously also Korea. In front of God all countries and all people - men, women and children - are equal. To safeguard these natural rights of every individual and every country, we must nominate more women – who are great peacemakers – in international politics and in the international organizations working with the UN.’Tetyana Kuzik Tarasenko - President of Central Council of Ukrainian Organizations in Italy ‘Neuroscience has already demonstrated that the difference between male and female brains highlights a functional complementarity in the thinking process and the development of conscience. We live in a society which penalizes either gender, because what is supposed to win is the predominant model, rather than an integration of two different aspects of the same reality. This is detrimental to the resolution of problems and conflicts arising from the inability to integrate different aspects of reality. Just imagine how wonderful it would be if the President and his wife were the leaders of a nation.’Michele Trimarchi President ISN (International Society of Neuropsychophysiology)‘Today women are either following masculine cultural models, or reacting against them; a woman, though, is not a subject for herself, she is conditioned by the society and therefore she is in danger of becoming a substitute for man. It is necessary to acquire a healthy family model, by including women’s sensibility, perception, and awareness in our economic, political, institutional an educational models, etc… It is a cultural revolution without which, no real change towards the realisation of a society of prosperity and welfare will ever be possible.’ Giuseppe Calì – Honorary Chairman of UPF - Italy

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