WFWP Giessen/Gemany, Sexualisation of Children

30 Aug 2014

An Afternoon with Gabriele Kuby One question is asked repeatedly in various German states. Should children be instructed at their schools in various sexual lifestyles; i.e., homosexual, transsexual, intersexual partnerships? This is to say a very “explosive” theme, which has motivated members of the German Women’s Federation for Peace (WFfP) to participate in demonstrations, as of late, in Stuttgart and Hannover. Consequently, the WFfP invited one of the most renowned German critics on this subject, Gabriele Kuby, to speak in Giessen. And to their delight the afternoon of 30.August.2014 drew a crowd of over eighty guests, not only from Germany, but from neighboring European countries. “Gender Mainstreaming” was the primary topic, a theme the MC, Jonathan Makkonen, was fully drenched in, having made this the subject of his Bachelor thesis. He introduced Mrs. Kuby, who spoke under the title “Gender Mainstreaming. A New Ideology and the Danger for the Family”, and expounded on her book, The Global Sexual Revolution. She layed on the table the “various kinds of families” which exist today, asking the following questions. Is the society at large not concerned about its children, and can they be instructed that they can have sex however they would like, and with whom? She expounded very emotionally that it is the duty of women to give life, as well as to challenge and preserve her offspring’s life. This statement was received quite well by the listening public, as can be imagined. Gabriele Kuby then called on the audience to attend the “Demo for All” in Stuttgart on 19.10.14, and answered countless questions from the floor. Thereafter, she sold and signed her book before she departed for Darmstadt. A few points should be mentioned in close. The German WFfP was so pleased that Mrs. Kuby not only accepted their invitation, but that she and the audience interacted so well. She mixed very easily with the crowd, and commented more than once on its international character! Ann Schaffner, WFWP Board Member.

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