3rd Day EU Conference 2018

The Sunday program included two sessions. The first one was moderated by Mrs. Renate Amesbauer, President of WFWP Austria, which featured presentations of an educational curriculum for young women that is being created by WFWP Middle East and WFWP Europe under the facilitation of Dr. Zoe Bennet, WFWP President for the Middle East. Mrs. Marilyn Angelucci, President of WFWP Afghanistan, Mrs. Katharina Bauer from WFWP Austria, and Mrs. Carolyn Handschin each presented the sections that they had been working on with some youth participation and the audience was asked how it might be improved for their needs. The three themes were: “Becoming the True Me”, “Creating your Dream Family” and “What is My Impact in the World?”

This was later followed by sessions of reports from six regions, moderated by Mrs. Irmgard Mantler, Treasurer of WFWP Europe. Reports were presented by Ms. Natascha Schellen, Magda Haugen (President of WFWP Germany), Johanna Torensen (President of WFWP Norway), Elisabetta Nistri, Brigitte Wada, Olga Vakulinskaya (President of WFWP Russia), and Anna Kalmatskaya (President of WFWP Ukraine). It seemed an impossible task to condense the dozens of events and programs into a 10 minute report, yet each managed to give a sense of the quality, the breadth and advances made in each region. Noted too was the blossoming of personal leadership skills among WFWP leaders from year to year.

The closing session was a chance to offer gifts to invited international speakers and the WFWP organizing team. As expressed by participants, the event was very successful on many levels! Many factors contributed to this, the high level of presentations in the Parliament Offices hall, the variety of speeches during conference sessions, the diverse and balanced program, the warm atmosphere and last but not the least, the hospitality and delicious food from our Albanian hosts. Also recognized was the way that goal-setting at the beginning of each year seemed to guide the accomplishments. Plans were already being made to bring substantial fruits through newly found partnerships and initiatives, as well as to also recharge “our batteries”, so as that we are able to continue the daily work in our nations!!


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