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WFWP Spain - Achieving Equality for Rural Women

Dec 2022

WFWP International was invited by AFAMMER, an organization in Spain which is celebrating its 40th Anniversary this year working to achieve equality for rural women, to speak at this important celebration in Madrid in December 2022.

Merly Christina Barlaan, Vice President of WFWPI and Director of WFWPI Relations with the UN in New York, was recommended by Marcia de Abreu to represent us on such an occasion. The conference gathered important Spanish leaders from the political, media, academia and social fields.

Merly Barlaan shared a panel with the Former First Lady of Spain, Ana Botella, Petra Bentkampe, President of the German Rural Women’s Association, Arancha Escalada, Director of Institutional Communications and CSR of Reale Seguros, and Sonia Garza González, National President of the Mexican Association of Women Heads of Companies (AMMJE).

Mrs. Barlaan gave an overview of WFWP development in the Phillipines and the evolution of her work at the UN.

Her presentation was very much appreciated and she was able to show the important work WFWP is doing and its contribution to the betterment of society, especially in the rural area.

Merly and the Spanish team who attended the conference, which included Carolyn Handschin, WFWP Vice President, Director of WFWP Relations with the UN in Geneva and President of CSW in Geneva, Marcia de Abreu, WFWP Spain President, Maryvonne Jamois, FFWPU President in Spain and two young leaders, Sunhwa Marchan and Anais Vega, enjoyed participating and sharing with other participants as well.

WFWP participation was possible due to Carmen Quintanilla Barba, former MP and Senator in Spain, Founder and President of AFAMMER, a good friend of our organization in Spain.

Reported by Marcia de Abreu

WFWP Spain President

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