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August 2023
  • WFWP Sweden – Participating in World Peace Awards 2023 in Stockholm.

  • WFWP Slovakia - Annual meeting

  • WFWP UN Video Newsletter

  • Europe Leadership Conference - November 3-5, 2023 Registration

  • WFWP Denmark - Principles of Peace seminar.

  • WFWP Hungary - “Peacemaking”, an introduction into the WFWP’s internal goals.

  • WFWP Portugal - Course for Teachers for Peace.

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May 2023
  • WFWP Founder's 80th birthay celebration

  • Video recording of Side event at Commission of Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice conference.

  • Harmony in the Family Easter Retreat

  • Coronation Champions’ award

Award by Minister of Social D July 9 2023 (1).jpg
July 2023
  • Award to WFWP – Jordan from the Government.

  • Her Story: Patricia Lalonde -Former Member European Parliament - Foreign Affairs Committee.

  • Europe Leadership Conference; 
    Transforming our World through Advancing Peace: a Culture of Peace and Human Dignity. 

  • Video clip from Vienna and Geneva UN activities.

  • WFWP France - Vision and principle of Peace.

  • WFWP UK Summer Newsletter

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June 2023
  • “No Peace Without Women” Conference.

  • WFWP leaders in South Korea.

  • Pentecost Festival
    WFWP Ukraine-Germany

  • Her Story Series

  • Role of Fathers in shaping the Future of their Children.

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