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An inspiring series of monthly encounters with women from Europe, the MENA and Eurasia. They will tell their stories to bring us closer to their culture and their life of challenges and successes."

Mandy  Sanghera.png

Mandy Sanghera

Mandy Sanghera is an award-winning global catalyst, human rights activist, and motivational speaker from the UK, with over three decades of experience. She empowers individuals worldwide, focusing on human rights, gender equality, and social justice. Mandy advocates for refugees and victims of trafficking, speaking at prestigious events like the US House of Representatives and World Economic Forum.

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Nargis Mommand   Hassanzai banner.jpg

Nargis Mommand Hassanzai

14th Dec. 2023 7pm cet

Activist for girls' and women's right to education and equal rights in Afghanistan. Professor at Kabul University, senior advisor to the Deputy Minister of Defense, Director of Information and Public Awareness during the High Presidential Office's tenure, World Peace Award winner 2023 in Stockholm, member of the Peace Reconstruction of Afghanistan and Culture Committee in Germany.

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231019 Lisa Clark HerStory 19th oct.png

Lisa Clark

19th Oct. 7pm cet

Lisa Clark is an Italian-based peace activist with a remarkable track record. She lived in war-torn Sarajevo, worked on reconciliation in Kosovo, and organized a peace symposium in Eastern DR Congo. Lisa's recent focus has been on disarmament, notably with the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, which won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2017.

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230911 Iris Dotan.png

Dr. Iris Dotan Katz

21st Sep. 7pm cet

Dr. Iris Dotan Katz is a senior clinical psychologist, peace advocate, and women's empowerment leader. With over 27 years of experience, she combines therapy, organisational development, and spiritual practices to promote reconciliation and social change. Dr. Katz actively engages in peace organisations, fostering dialogue between Israelis and Palestinians through compassion and prayer.

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Patricia Lalonde image.jpg

Patricia Lalonde

17th Aug. 7pm cet

Patricia Lalonde worked in Afghanistan for 15 years, building girls' schools and promoting women's rights. She was a member of the European Parliament, conducted research, and attended international conferences on human rights and peace. Now, she is Vice President of the French Think Tank GEOPRAGMA, having recently visited Iran and Syria.

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Renata Ocilkova.png

Renáta Ocilková

22nd Jun. 6pm cet         

Renáta Ocilková is a Slovakian graduate of Comenius University and Catholic University. She has attended international internships and trainings and is involved in ministry to Roma women. She lectures and publishes on education, bioethics, and gender issues. Currently, she is the President of the Forum of Life in Slovakia.

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Laetitia van Haren

20th Apr. 7pm cet

A cultural anthropologist who has lived and worked for decades in sub-Saharan Africa and south-east Asia. In Geneva she was director of Defense for Children– International, Humanitarian Policy with Action by Churches Together.

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Asha Omar Geesdiir

16th Mar. 23
Has over 20 years experience in policyrelated development, particularly in participatory development, advocacy, human rights, refugee welfare, good governance, constitutional development, education, and as an expert on conflict resolution, peace building and conflict management projects. " Her story" this month featured Asha Omar Geesdiir, a strong human activist from Somalia that spent many years in Sweden before returning back to Mogadishu Somalia as a special advisor to the government on women and childrens issues. She shared about how the love in her family was the platform from which she could believe in herself and her ability to contribute to positive developments in her country .

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MEP Maria Carmen Quintanilla Barba

February 16, 2023, at 7 pm  CET

MEP Maria Carmen Quintanilla Barba, Spanish National MP (2000-2019) Spanish Senator (2020). Permanent Parliamentarian in the European Council. Founder and President of AFAMMER, organization dedicated to the family and women's development in the rural area. She shared about her experience in the 40 years since AFAMMER was founded.

Maria Carmen shared the dream from her youth of seeing the establishment of Gender Equality at various levels. She ensured the rights of Rural Women in Spain, which later led her to defend many other causes linked to Gender Equality, and she consequently earned her place at the European Parliament as MEP. She contributed and promoted the creation of the Convention for the Elimination of all kinds of Violence against Women. Mrs. Carmen spares no efforts in her work of highlighting the issue of Violence against Women. She is the founder of the well-known AFAMMER Association, where she is President, and which is dedicated to the Family and Women's development.

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19th Jan. 23

Active Member of the Global Network of Women in Politics. Several times Candidate to the Parliament - Lebanon. Founder and active member of several organisations to empower women in politics and decision making

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