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WFWP Italy -Herstory

WFWP Italy invited Lisa Clark to share her testimony on HER STORY EVENT, a monthly meeting promoted by WFWP Europe, where friends and AoP share their experiences. Lisa Clark has been an activist for peace for a long time. She lived in Sarajevo, Bosnia, during the war in the 1990s, and later spent time in Kosovo, building bridges across the front lines. In more recent years Lisa has been involved in disarmament campaigns, including the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, which was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2017 for its role in promoting the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons which entered into force in 2021.

We heard from her special stories about women who even while they were under bombing, were able to keep giving hope to their children that soon the war would be finished and they would return to school.

She gave many other examples of strong women who while the husbands were on the front line cultivated and worked the land for crops and kept the country united.

The meeting ended with the common understanding that is possible to stop the wars if we can give voice to the civil society that normally doesn't want the war, and if women can unite and break the barriers between nations in conflict zones.


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