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WFWP Albania, Promoting a Marriage-Friendly Culture, Fier/Albania

WFWP Albania sent this report about their recent event in support of the family: “On May 15th 2015, UPF in cooperation with WFWP Fier organized an activity in the City Hall of Fier City. There were over 60 participants including the City Mayor, officials from Prefectures, School Directors, and Ambassadors for Peace. The goal of the event was to share and support the objectives of UPF/WFWP International and United Nations, raise awareness between officials, inhabitants about the threats of the family institution and to collaborate with Ambassadors for Peace.

After a video presentation about UPF activities on an international level, Mr. Gani Rroshi gave a presentation with title “Promoting a Marriage-Friendly Culture”. Through the presentation, Mr. Gani Rroshi expressed that even though there are already professionals dealing with many kind of vulnerable groups of society,(like autistic or orphaned children), it is not recognized that healthy young people need to receive education in order to create a happy marriage and family. Mr. Gani also emphasized the responsibility of leadership by questioning participants how they could promote marriage and family values. The presentation was clear and easy to follow so the participants could take it and think about its message.

It was really amazing from the Mayor’s side, Mr. Baftjar Zeqo, who after the presentation promised to support one or two projects on promoting marriage and family on a city level by becoming a model for other cities to follow. He asked Fier Ambassadors for Peace to prepare projects and he will immediately support.

On this occasion, UPF Fier also appointed 6 new Ambassadors for Peace, who previously received education on principles of UPF.

There was a great contribution from the local Ambassadors for Peace for the success of this event, especially Mrs. Mirela Cepele- the Chairwoman of Fier Peace Council, who beautifully moderated the event, Mr. Myzaljen Hoxha who gave a very poetic and meaningful message about the importance of this day and the family. Also the event was supported by the presence of Rev. Gi Young Shin - special Envoy of UPF founders to Albania and Kosovo and Mr. Sokol Rexhepi - the Secretary General of UPF Albania and gave also the closing address and encouraged all Ambassadors for Peace, especially those newly appointed to study more about UPF principles and also join the FFWPU Marriage Blessing Ceremony next year.

After the event, the old and new AfP went together for a coffee and the City Mayor also joined. Members of Fier city have continuously been investing and supporting this event behind the scene, especially Mrs. Suzana Sulajmani who is the Secretary of Fier Peace Council. Special thanks to them all.”

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