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WFWP Norway Rejuvenation Weekend; part of their women's self empowerment program:

Lovely report from WFWP Norway about their Rejuvenation Weekend; part of their women's self empowerment program: Winter gathering in Gjøvik, Norway On the 22nd of February WFWP in Norway arranged a winter gathering for WFWP members in Gjøvik. We were welcomed us with a nice hot soup and fresh baked bread at the home of Bente Krockow, before we went out for snow sledging; An activity that brought out the smile among us and we could see that our activity brought inspiration to others. A young lady stopped us to share how much she enjoyed seeing us snow sledging together. We all felt rejuvenated by this activity and it sat the stage for the rest of the weekend. In the afternoon Vigdis Parkins the newly elected leader of WFWP in Norway, shared with us the WFWP program for the spring. She has made a nice activity sheet and information folders that she shared among us. We spoke together and made comments about the plans and programs for the spring semester. Every month there is one or more activity with inspiring program and we look forward to invite our guests and work together in create a network. The rest of the evening we inspired each other by singing our favorite songs coupled with spontaneous and very deep personal sharing, and not to forget a lot of laughter. Women truly empower each other. We all felt very much welcomed and at home and the energy could flow freely, this made it difficult to say goodbye and head home on Sunday afternoon. By Margoth Tove Kalstad

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