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Int'l Women's Day for WFWP Malta

See this lovely report and wishes on Int'l Women's Day for WFWP Malta: 'Just as the sweet smell of Spring is about to fill the air, on Thursday 6th March, WFWP Malta held a special event for this year's Women's Day . Families of members and friends of WFWP were invited to a guided cultural tour of 'Villa Francia' the official residence of the Prime Minister of Malta. Since this was a celebration of Women's day, Mrs. Michelle Muscat, the Prime Minister's wife, graciously accepted to personally meet with our group. On our arrival to this historic, noble villa we were warmly greeted by the resident guide and treated to refreshing drinks in the living room. Then we were guided around the baroque, 200 year old mansion and its surrounding gardens and hunting grounds. Mrs. Michelle Muscat, interrupting her very busy schedule, arrived by car outside the garden gate, hurried up the pathway and warmly greeted us to ''.... her ' Home', 'Our National Heritage' as she called it. She was very cordial and once more we were offered drinks as she spoke about family values and the importance of NGOs and asked us about our organization. She was impressed by the different nationalities represented and especially by the fact that most came as families! Myrabelle Corlett presented her with a pack containing a WFWP newsletter, a World Summit Conference brochure and a copy of Father Moon's Autobiography ,'As A Peace-Loving Global Citizen' . Then WFWP secretary Ms. Elona Mule' Stagno presented Ms. Muscat a monetary donation towards the ' Marigold Foundation', a charity of which she is patron. Ms. Muscat spontaneously asked her personal secretary to bring a gift for Elona's 8 year old daughter Victoria, the youngest lady present in the group ...a sweet, little, hand- knitted doll, a token she will always treasure. Regards and warm wishes for a very Blessed Women's Day 2014 to all our sisters worldwide.' Myrabelle Corlett Chairperson, WFWP Malta

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