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WFWP Scotland: “Love culture, Hate racism”

WFWP Scotland/UK participated in this year’s “Love culture, Hate racism” event which was organised by MWAE (Muslim Women’s Association in Edinburgh) on Saturday 24th October 2015 at St. Peter’s hall in Edinburgh/UK from 12-4 pm. We used 2 tables for origami workshop, cookery books and handmade crafts. There were several tables around the hall; natural handmade soaps, African handmade products, henna painting etc. A Kenyan storyteller lady who came last year presented some stories. From those African traditional stories we can learn many lessons. Several music groups and a drum group performed international music and songs. There were many families with children. People enjoyed curry for lunch and danced with music.

Reported by Keiko Fraser-Harris WFWP Scotland/UK

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