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Local WFWP Partnership gathering in Skien, Norway

On Wednesday 19 April, the first collaboration project between WFWP in Norway and Barbro Hegeland's women's group Pamfilius at Ulefoss was held at Barbro's home. There were 6 participants and WFWP’s Vigdis Parkins spoke about the importance of women's cooperation and what happens when women are involved. She also showed WFWP’s European website, which reflects the great commitment around Europe. Pamfilius' background (quote from Barbro Hegeland): "My Pamfilius evenings usually cost NOK 100, so I asked for that now too. The money has always gone to the medical studies of the eldest daughter in a poor family I know in Palestine, she has graduated as a doctor this spring. That project is now finished, and I am proud that we have completed it. But I (I personally) have also financially supported a family I know in Nigeria, who lost their house during a storm last winter. I also know them very well, so the money arrives safely. They can get the money from now on. I want my Pamfilius collections to be related to service/sharing. I have also always had a draw for a Pamphilius prize, which I am responsible for."

There will be two more gatherings before the summer holidays, on Wednesday 24 May at Ester's in Lunde and on Wednesday 21 June at Vigdis's in Sætre.


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