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WFWP AFGHANISTAN - Opening ceremony of WFWP Afghan cultural center

12th Jan 2024

Delhi, India

The opening ceremony of the WFWP Afghan Cultural Center took place on 11 January 2024. This was to mark the beginning of the new semester of 2024. There were students, teachers and Japanese WFWP supporters in attendance including the WFWP Afghanistan President. The foreigners were attending online. The ceremony started with a beautiful ayah of Holy Quran and the one who recited was sewing teacher. And the President gave some speech about the organization in English language and miss Muzhgan translated their words in Farsi language. Each teacher introduced themselves and introduced the students of their class. As part of the program the group of Qarsak Dancers came to show their dance which is one of traditional dances in Afghanistan. After that photoshoot and video shoot happened there and then all had some snacks and lunch together . WFWP (Women’s Federation for World Peace) is an NGO founded in 1992 and their vision is to create love and harmony through women.

They aim for a peaceful world where everyone lives happily. As a new student I am very thankful to WFWP for standing with women, they are helping women to be best version of them self and be independent. By: Morsal


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