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WFWP Italy -PLANT A TREE campaign.

WFWP Italy promoted a campaign PLANT A TREE, to address the need to care for the environment, and for Mother Earth our home. A lot of people have joined the initiative paying for their tree and we bought 44 new fruit trees.

On 13 March we invited the children and teachers of the kindergarten near the property of COLLE MATTIA for the Spring Festival and to plant the new trees.

Teachers and children enjoyed a lot the beauty of BELVEDERE COLLE MATTIA.

On the 17th of March WFWP Italy organized the event PLANT A TREE with those guests that have been adopted the plants. Each Tree had the plate with the name of the donor. Everybody enjoyed the experience and shared a thankful heart toward God and the nature for the beautiful gifts. At the end we shared nice cake home made with the jam from the fruit of Colle Mattia.


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