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WFWP Finland - Celebrating International Womens Day

WFWP Finland participated in International Women´s Day and contributed by singing a few songs and one solo song in french.

The host organization for the event was AFAES which stands for Africans and African-Europeans Association. The founder and President of this NGO is Fatima Usman, a woman originally from Nigeria who is committed to empower the African immigrant community in Finland.

The event place was beautifully decorated in a school hall in Vantaa city and women from many countries living in Finland had come to celebrate this day. Several organizations presented their activities, one was “Neighbourhood Mothers” who is reaching out to isolated and vulnerable women in their local areas.  Another organization was “Earthangels of Finland” founded by Momma Aria Arai.

A mentoring program presented was called “YEPP Ry” aiming to empower youths and broadening career perspectives for young people in Finland. We also could enjoy a Fashion show of costumes from different countries by women walking on stage to Shakiras “Waka Waka”song. A women´s group from Middle East/Turkey had a captivating music performance and the rhythms carried the audience to dance along on the stage and on the floor. Many won prizes in the lottery. In the end we ate delicious food and cakes. It was a cheerful and memorable Women´s Day evening.

Report by Maarit De Paulis


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