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WFWP France - Women and Men: Culture of Equality and Mutual Respect

To mark International Women's Day, the Women's Federation for World Peace

(WFWP) organised an event in partnership with the International Association for

Economic and Social Development - Africa / France (AIDES/A.F)

There were several speakers :

Soraya Ayouch, psychologist at the Youth Judicial Protection. She said that by

celebrating Women's Day, we also celebrate life. The theme of equality and

respect invites us to talk about life, women, couples and peace. Working with

children in difficult situations, she found that their actions often challenge

parents and society in their desire for love. Her conclusion was that united

women can bring a message of peace and hope despite the obstacles and

difficulties that the world is going through today.

Marie Christine Odent, marriage and family counsellor and vice president of

WFWP, asked the question: How does the digital world enable or hinder equality

and respect between men and women?

Rime Abdennadher, Unesco consultant and therapist. She spoke about the

relationship between men and women, mainly within the couple.

Ye-Bonne Maldonado, a research engineer in aerodynamics, gave us a

different perspective on gender equality in the digital world. According to her, too

few women work in the field of IT (15% of her team are women) and yet this

technology can make people's lives easier and provide cleaner energy.

According to an article by Thomas Breda in 2014, "How come there are so few

women working in science", it is not because of discrimination, at least in



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