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WFWP Hungary -“Peacemaking”, an introduction into the WFWP’s internal goals

The Szeged and Budapest branches of WFWP Hungary organized a joint event

this past Sunday, 08.08.2023.

The WFWP Hungary President, Mrs. Katsuyo Bendzsa travelled to Szeged together with Mrs. Hilda GrancneSebesi, and Mrs. Svitlana Li. The program started with a "Peace Starts with Me" lecture by Mrs. Gabriella PapneDancso, speaking about individuals participating in peace-making with their own lives. She referenced working on self-awareness, the importance of processing

damages brought from the family, and to learn, understand and accept ourselves in order to be able to work in this self-aware state in our relationships. Mrs. Svitlana Li introduced herself and her family first, then showed a short presentation about Ukraine (its school system, culture, gastronomy), and even provided traditional Ukrainian sweets to taste.


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