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WFWP Italy - Human potential and the challenges to overcome to free it

This was the 4 th appointment on a series of events on the topic: Is it still possible a

better world?

Giuseppe Calì UPF South Europe coordinator shared a part of Unification Thought

about Ideal Men and Women according to God’s vision

Elisabetta Nistri president of WFWP Italy, shared about some MINDFULNESS

teaching that can help us to discover mental traps to avoid to fall into them. It is very

important to have awareness of what is going on in our mind, which thoughts and

which emotions are guiding our daily life, and decide and choose what can really help

according to our life purpose.

In the afternoon 3 ambassadors of peace shared their experiences:

Evaldo Cavallaro explain how IPNOSI can help to overcome some traumas, because

everything comes from our mind

Klarjida Rapai explained how harmful selfishness and individualism are because

they prevent to reach common wellness. On the other side empathy and altruism

bring benefit to everybody including to the individual

Maria Barbarisi shared about how is important to have self esteem to have better

relation within ourselves and with others

People from the audience shared their deep thoughts from their own experiences.

Everybody enjoyed the time together and learned a lot for their daily lives. They went

back with the desire to meet soon again


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