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WFWP Italy - The problem of love and possible solutions

24th April 2024

Event to give education based on moral value on Family Life and Couple’s relationship.

Giuseppe Calì president of UPF South Europe gave a speech on the topic of Love

between transcendence and immanence, explaining God’s love and human love.

Elisabetta Nistri president of WFWP Italy shared about male and female

characteristics and how to respond to others need. She emphasized also that in

order to be able to build a long lasting relationship we need first to take care of

ourselves and invest on our personal growth, love and wellbeing. After a good lunch

in the afternoon 3 psychotherapists friend of WFWP gave speech on different type of

character, on the possible abuse of power from one of the two side that can become

a serious problem, and on the different ways men and women use their brain.

People said that when they attend our conferences they go back home more

enriched and with more hope for their future.


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