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WFWP Italy -Women in action for human rights: the condition of Women in Afghanistan and in Iran

The president of WFWP Italy was invited by Sonia Albanese past

president of ZONTA to give the final speech on the topic of peace at their event.

Prestigious speakers gave their contributes to the topic: journalists, activist for

human rights, Afghanistan and Iranian refuges well know for their active support

for human rights in their country. Elisabetta Nistri gave her speech on the topic:

NO PEACE WITHOUT WOMEN. After presenting WFWP purpose and

activities, she talk about the UN Resolution 1325, on WOMEN PEACE AND

SECURITY, which calls, in a legally binding manner, for women to be involved

appropriately and equally, in conflict prevention, peace processes. In fact, it has

been demonstrated that when women are involved, the agreements reached have a

greater probability of being respected by both parties.

That resolution has been subscribed 23 years ago but still many countries are not

respecting it. The same for the Declaration of Human Rights in 1948…that was

sign many years ago but is not respected in every country yet.

What is needed is the presence of strong and determined women with their

peculiar characteristics, capable of forgiving and loving to heal the wounds of the

world, and showing a different example as Dr. Moon often reminds us, this is how

Elisabetta Nistri concluded the speech.

Everyone appreceted the speech, and Elisabetta Nistri was invited to cooperate

with ZONTA organitation.


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