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WFWP Malta - Family Breakdown Prevention and Healing

On Sunday 28 May 2023, Ms. Mary Gauci and Mr. Anthony Gauci, co-founders HAPPY PARENTING-MALTA, invited WFWP Malta to attend an evening conference entitled 'Family Breakdown Prevention and Healing,' which I attended with my husband. It was held at the Attard Parish Auditorium between 6pm and 9pm.

Psychotherapist Karl Wright gave the welcoming speech followed by a talk about how to prevent family breakdown given by co-founder Ms. Mary Gauci. Commissioner Dr. Denis Vella Baldacchino spoke at length from his personal experience about the consequences that are brought about by parental conflicts and Mental health. Imam Atif from Ahmadiyya Muslim gave an overview of the importance of Family Well-Being.

The Key speaker at the Conference was Prof. Edward Kruk from Canada who spoke in detail about 'Parental Alienation,' how to detect it and how to minimize this scourge.

The conference went on until 9pm and then participants were invited to get to know each other better over refreshments in the foyer. My husband and I could meet personally with the Keynote speaker Prof. Kruk and with both co-founders, which gave the contents of the conference more meaning.

Reported by Myrabelle Corlett WFWP Malta Chapter Leader

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