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WFWP Moscow: Lectures at school - "The consequences of using bad words"

On May 22, 2023 WFWP of Moscow gave 2 lectures at school. One "The consequences of using bad words" for the 5 and 6 grade and the second "My choice is the

or the 7th grade children. It was possible to organize these two lectures only because of the support of the Parents Commitee of those classes. Parents gave their agreement for holding such lectures for their children. Both lectures went very well. Children responded very well, actively answered or asked questions and even some of them gave some useful additional information to the lecture. One representative of the Parents Committee was present at the lecture. She said that she was really moved by the lecture. And the class teacher of the 7 grade said that they would be very grateful if we continue such lectures next year. Here is the reflection of the representative of the Parents Committee that she sent to all other parents: "Today we had a lecture about the consequenses of using bad words. I want to say that the lecturer has a very high professional level. She is very well educated. But what is most important - she could find right words and a right format in her communication with children. The children were listening very attentively and were answering the questions. If we gave such lectures to our children more often we would have much less problems with our children"

And here are some reflections of the children: "I thought that it was OK to drink alcohol on holidays but I have realized that it is more important to keep our health. I could realize that it is very unpleasant even to look at smoking people. May God help that nobody can smoke!" "Before our meeting I didn't know about the harm from nicotine. And I could realize that it is better even not to start to drink alcohol or to smoke. I could realize how much harm this brings to humanity" "Before the lecture I thought it was normal to use tabaco and alcohol but after the lecture I could realize that it is very bad. I was saddened by the fact that when people get sick they become not needed to anybody". Many children were most moved by the story of my father in law who gave up smoking on the same day as he found out that his daughter in low got pregnant with his granddaughter.

„I liked te whole lecture. I will try to stop smoking. Most of all I liked the story of the grandfather. He is cool!“

"My opinion about using bad words has changed because thanks to this lecture I could look at myself from a different angle" "I think my opinion has changed because now I feel pang of conscience" " I don't know how I can change the world. But at least I want to start with myself"


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