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WFWP Norway - Skien: Monthly Pamfilius group event

About The Pamfilius group;Pamfilius' background (quote from Barbro Hegland): "My Pamfilius evenings usually cost NOK 100, so I asked for that now too. The money has always gone to the medical studies of the eldest daughter in a poor family I know in Palestine, she has graduated as a doctor this spring. That project is now finished, and I am proud that we have completed it. But I (I personally) have also financially supported a family I know in Nigeria, who lost their house during a storm last winter. I also know them very well, so the money arrives safely. They can get the money from now on. I want my Pamfilius collections to be related to service/sharing. I have also always had a draw for a Pamphilius prize, which I am responsible for."

17/3 The latest Pamfilius gathering for group 2 was on Wednesday the 13th at 7pm. There were nine ladies. The theme was called “Before and Now”. It is about the physiological reaction that occurs in the brain when we choose our focus, either negative or positive - and the hormones that are triggered. I ended the post by reading a poem. We raffled off a prize, and enjoyed coffee and cake. We received NOK 800, and then I added NOK 200 and sent NOK 1000 to Blessing and his family in Nigeria.

29/2 Had a new Pamfilius event Tuesday 27th February. We were six ladies The raffle and sale of home-knitted items brought in NOK 800. The money will be sent to the friendship family in Palestine. They are struggling a lot now in these difficult times.

7/2  Had an event with new group yesterday, there were nine participants of different ages. The theme was "The power in your focus". We received NOK 1,000, which will be sent to the family we support in Nigeria, helping them to rebuild the house that collapsed during the winter storm two years ago. The wall has been put up, but they still lack the wood. Some of the money goes to the four children, and some to the house. More peoplehave said they want to be part of the Pamfilius group, so I may have to start group no. 3 as well. You can see the details on FB


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