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WFWP Portugal -

On October 19, 2023, WFWP Latin America held the International Breast Cancer Prevention Day, also known as Pink October, and thanks to the good relationship WFWP Portugal has developed with Lusophone Countries (Portuguese Speaking Counties, including Brazil) WFWP Brazil influenced WFWP Latin America to invite WFWP Portugal as part of this important activity, and WFWP Portugal had also the responsibility to bring the representatives of the Organization from African Lusophone Countries, whose actively participated in the live celebration of Pink October 2023, Organized from WFWP Latin America.

Before we had two preparative lives, and on the October 2023, over midnight in Europe and África we had the live celebration

The Event was focused in the mobilization, awareness and prevention of Breast Cancer.

WFWP Portugal then mobilized and brought about, WFWP Angola, WFWP Mozambique and WFWP São Tomé and Príncipe, and each brought one speaker, as Brazil was already part of Latin America Country, and Portugal brought two Peace Ambassadors as Speakers (a former MP, Prof. Ilda Novo, as well as the Founding President of the Lirio Azul Movement, Dr. Odete Costa), in addition to the President of the Organization, Dr. Marta de Carvalho, who was invited to give the welcoming words Here we could hear touching testimonies in the first person, from women who overcame and those who is still straggling the illness , and words of encouragement and support were also given. Much was to said about the topic in the sense of awareness and forms of prevention, after an approach of deep reflection, brought by the diverse and conscious Speakers, knowledgeable on the subject. There also was moving music performed by two women who have gone through this terrible illness. More than 300 people participated, via Zoom, in addition to others who participated via Facebook and Youtube. Among the participants, were high-profile Latin American personalities, including former and current First Ladies, Parliamentarians, Doctors, Teachers, Pastors, etc.. We also had the participation of the International President of WFWPI, Ms. Moriko Hori, who opened the session, among many other very high personalities. The meeting took place via Zoom, but despite the late hour, which in Europe and Africa, was already over midnight, we had a privilege to get a great support from the participants. The Event ended with a closing speech and thanks addressed by the IVP for Latin America, Mrs Roswitha. It was an amazing and very interesting experience. We would like to take this opportunity to thank WFWP Latin America, specially WFWP Brazil for this wonderful invitation to this timely and pioneering Spanish-Lusophone partnership.


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