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WFWP Portugal - CPLP Celebration of International Day of the Portuguese Language

The President of WFWP Portugal, Dr. Marta de Carvalho, received a honoured official invitation from CPLP (Community of Diplomatic Representatives of Portuguese Speaking Countries Governments), which you may see up, to participate in the celebration of May 5th (International Day of Portuguese Language), which took place on May 14th 2024, at the headquarters of that institution, located on Rua. de São Mamede 21, 1100-534 in Lisbon.


Despite her busy schedule, Marta de Carvalho decided to honour the invitation as a way of prioritizing the mission, believing that she could do a good networking.


The celebration took place at the CPLP Auditorium in Lisbon, between 9:30 am and 4:30 pm, with lunch included, which took place in the institution's main room.


It was an occasion in which the WFWP Portugal President knew how to take advantage, and in addition, she could meet some of the Ambassadors for Peace, who cherished her and took photos with.


She was also able to engage in, and exchange direct contact with two Diplomatic Ambassadors (one from the Philippines and other from Mozambique, her hometown who even knew her family, which made it easier  to deal with).


Furthermore, she have also met the Secretary General as well as the Director of Culture, both from CPLP,  to whom she introduced the WFWP Organization, having even taken advantage on requesting a meeting with the Director of Culture, who made himself available and interested to learn more about WFWP, and see how to make the Organization available to get CPLP as one of its supporters or partners, within the scope of training in good Values to citizenship ​​and other activities.


Marta de Carvalho also exchanged cards with a Historian Professor, Paulo Pinto, from Universidade Nova de Lisboa, to whom she introduced the Organization as well, and spoke about the young Korean and Japanese Volunteers who are on mission in Portugal, as a mean of paving the way for a meeting, in order to create ties with that University and facilitate networking activities.


The Historian Professor made himself available as well, and requested that the Organization should send an email with its intentions, to schedule a meeting where he may finds out what is just intended, and know how to help in opening doors, namely, with the Ambassador of South Korea in Portugal, if applicable.


Now, no far we may find out how to design a strategy as Organization, to make these meetings happen, both, with the Director of Culture of the CPLP as well as this, with the Historian of Universidade Nova, for future Witnessing of young people at that University...


Finally, WFWP President could speak and exchanged contacts with the Romanian singer Madalina Petre, a splendid young woman, with an extraordinary voice who, together with her partner, the Portuguese singer, Gonçalo Pires, made the event a cultural delight.


Some photos that captured some of those moments may be found in the frost of the e-mail.


By: Marta Maria de Carvalho


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