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WFWP Russia - Annual Intercultural Family Festival

On April 6, 2024, WFWP of Russia held its annual Intercultural Family Festival in the Central House of cultural workers for the 8th time.

Many social NGOs, Charity Funds and Large family and Parents’ organization became partners of this Festival.

This year we invited wonderful talented families that represent Armenia. Azerbaijan, China, Syria, Kenya, Mariel Republic and Karelia.

In a very creative form they showed and shared about their unique culture and family values and traditions.

This festival promotes true family traditional values and intercultural cooperation.

Many young people don’t see the example of True love at home, and it is very important to show them that it is possible to create truly happy families.

All participating families and all the partners expressed their deep gratitude. They said that it is important to hold such festival because it gives hope that true intercultural cooperation and World peace are possible.


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