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WFWP Russia - held two lectures at public school in St.Petersburg

On April 8 WFWP of Russia held two lectures at public school in St.Petersburg suburb.

At the first lecture there were 115 schoolchildren of 6 and 7 grades. The topic was “Reality and virtuality: appreciate the most important things in life”.

It is about computer addiction, but the main message was that we need to live in such a way that later we wouldn't regret for living our life meaninglessly.

The second lecture “Preparation for building happy families” was attended by 137 schoolchildren from 8 and 9 grades.

We talked about the importance of True family values.

Children wrote very deep reflections.

Just a few reflections: “I could remember that losing true family values leads to degradation of a nation”

“Your presentation today could change my opinion about a family. I was moved that you explained about True love based on a real example of the family “

“It was important for me to hear that True love exists and it is possible to keep it long”.

“Honestly speaking I knew what you explained at the lecture. And it is very important to keep purity before marriage. But I am grateful that you could tell this to other students “

“I could remember that what we achieve in real life is much more important than any results in computer. It is really terrible when life is wasted”.

“I could realize that we need to take care more of our parents and siblings. Addiction can deprive you of those things which you could achieve without it”.


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