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WFWP Slovakia -Art of Calligraphy

In the beginning of our event WFWP President Lubica Magnusson introduced

Women´s Federation for World Peace and its founders.

She gave overview of our activities during the last year in Slovakia and

explained about the UN work and international events of WFWP. At the end she

promoted also our European WFWP Annual conference in Cyprus.

In the second part of the programme Mrs. Seiko Jakubáčová - Master of Calligraphy

presented this art, explained about the origin and meaning of different calligraphic

symbols and taught the participants how to practice it. Everybody could try to make

a little piece of calligraphy at the end.

It was a joyful event. We could create a nice, friendly atmosphere with lots of happy

moments, sharings over coffee, tea & cakes and make friendship with new guests

and each other.


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