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WFWP UK - Birmingham: The Contribution of Women to a Better World

On the 6th of March, we had an International Women's Day event in our home.

Around 80 women from all races, ages, social background, religions and cultures,

and from 33 different countries came together!!!

The topic was ' The Contribution of Women to a Better World '.

Claire, an Interfaith Coordinator for the Quakers, spoke about her work with refugees.

Innaya, a young Muslim policewoman, spoke about her passion to help young people.

Preet, Co-presenter for a Faith-based TV station, spoke about 'Women and Sikhism

and the example of her mother.

Kathleen, director of Approachable Parenting, spoke about the precious inner

qualities of women.

Sharon, founder of an outreach ministry, spoke about the tragic loss of her husband

and son, and her journey to forgiveness...

Then we had open sharing with many moving contributions and tears...

We all joined in songs for Peace, led by Ann from 'In her Shoes', after which we lit

candles and kept a long silence, praying for the suffering people of the world.

We concluded with Hindu, Christian, Sikh and Muslim prayers...

I can't express in words the emotions of our evening together.

We enjoyed food and friendship with one another, and celebrated the birthday of our

dear friend Reem from Gaza...

What a beautiful occasion for such an important day.


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