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WFWP UK - Central London WFWP chapter held a Herstory event

On Thursday 30th May 2024, Central London Women's Federation chapter held a Herstory event at the home of Anne Kobayashi the chapter co-ordinator. This meeting was hybrid, as it involved a small number of people gathering in Anne's home, where the guest speaker attended and delivered her presentation via Anne's computer, as well as several ladies joining online.

The keynote speaker, Suzanne Shabaaz, is a long-time member of the Brahma Kumaris movement, and was happy to share with us some elements of their philosophy and beliefs.  Also present in the home meeting was Ikuyo Miyamura, another member of Brahma Kumaris,  Helena Stout, the secretary of WFWP CL chapter and Rubina, a good friend of Helena.  We were joined online by 9 other attendees, including Mitty Tohma the UK President of WFWP.

The meeting began with introductions, greetings and finding the best background for the presentation, and then we started the online programme, with Anne briefly introducing Suzanne, who then proceeded to deliver her presentation.

Suzanne gave a very interesting account of how she had always been interested in spirituality even from a young age and came to find and join the Brahma Kumaris group as an adult. She also shared about some very amazing experiences she had had in her life, including impromptu meetings with like-minded spiritual people, being able to offer support and guidance to people who were suffering and travelling to India to visit the Brahma Kumaris World HQ, Madhuban, at Mount Abu. The presentation concluded with a Question and Answer session and we thanked Suzanne for her kindness in sharing these experiences with us.

We then had time for sharing some tea and fellowship together in the room.

We will continue to keep in touch and may have some follow-up programmes in the future.


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