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WFWP UK - Midlands: Where is Peace?

Event to give an overview of our women’s peace activities.

To share about Principles of Peace, and to empower one another as Peacemakers.

Recently ,we had such a lovely get together after several religious festivals, reflecting

about Peace.

Where is Peace? In our world, in our family, in our heart....

Around 80 of us met together and we could share about the challenge of finding peace in today's world.

We were so happy to welcome many new women and young people amongst us.

I began with a 15 minute overview of our women’s and peace activities, followed by a presentation about finding peace in myself, my family, and in the wider world.

Afterwards, many of us shared from our different perspectives and life experience.

A close friend of mine, Reem, then gave a brief talk about the situation of women and children in Gaza.

After that, we spent some time in silent prayer and reflection, thinking about all the many conflicts in our troubled world.

Finally, we shared food and friendship together, continuing late into the evening. It always surprises me to feel the powerful energy of women coming together for Peace, and the healing power of God’s love.

It truly gives hope in this difficult world.

Thank you to everyone for all your contributions.


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