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WFWP UK - South: Reflexology Demonstration

Reflexology event 19th June 2024. In South London.

Mrs. Marsha Andes, a professional Reflexologist, gave a talk on how a

complementary therapy like Reflexology can help solve many of our difficulties

that we are facing today. With ever increasing levels of stress in our day-to-day

life, it is important to recognise and alleviate the detrimental effects.

Reflexology helps us to relax, and improves physical and emotional wellbeing.

The theory of Reflexology is that different points of the feet all correspond to

different organs of the body. Reflexologists use their thumbs to apply pressure

to these reflex points which, in turn, positively affect the organs of the body.

Following on from Marsha’s very informative presentation with leaflets and

drawings showing the reflex points, there was a 5 minutes of practical

demonstration on each of the attendees. We were all very relaxed afterwards.

Marsha also gave an example of her own situation few years ago; she had

problems conceiving her first baby, but after a few sessions of Reflexology she

became pregnant and now has 4 healthy children.

When she finished the practical demonstration, tasty refreshments were laid out

for all participants who took the opportunity to chat with each other, form new

friendships or deepen existing ones. The meeting ended with the feeling that we

were an extended family, with respect, love and care for everyone.


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