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WFWP UK Summer Refreshing Retreat -day1

On the 8th - 11th of August 16 leaders from across the UK are gathering in the beautiful Cotswold to reconnect, set goals, and engage deeper friendships.

Day one REFLECTIONS: We were warmly welcomed to the Station Guild House, situated in the beautiful countryside, by Karen Grant, our newly appointed branch coordinator for this area. It is a picturesque setting that immediately set a positive tone for our gathering.

16 leaders from across the UK had gathered after enjoying a delightful afternoon tea. Our purpose was to share our reflections and testimonies about our families and lives. This was an incredibly precious time, as it marked our first opportunity to meet in person since the onset of the Covid pandemic.

Karen, in her capacity as host, took the opportunity to enlighten us about the history of the Guild House. It was initially established by a remarkable woman named Mary Osborn, who worked at Kingsley Hall in the East End of London, had an encounter that would profoundly impact her life: she met the man who would change her life forever - Mahatma Gandhi.

During her time at Kingsley Hall, Mary had the opportunity to engage with Gandhi, a pivotal figure in the fight for freedom and advocate of non violence. This encounter left an indelible mark on Mary's heart and inspired her to pursue her own mission of promoting peace.

Motivated by Gandhi's principles, Mary's vision for the Guild House was rooted in creating a space where individuals could gather, connect, and work towards peaceful resolutions. Her dedication and inspiration continue to resonate within the walls of the Station Guild House to this day.

More to follow ..


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